Thursday 7th December 2023
    Difficulty: Hard

    Colonial hangovers (Quiz #384)

    Photo by <a href="">Helena Lindberg</a>
    Photo by Helena Lindberg (Unsplash)

    1. Belgium colonised the Congo (now Democratic Republic of the Congo) from 1908 to 1960. One of the leftovers from this period is the Congolese obsession with... what?

    2. Which cocktail originated in the early 20th century, after the Spanish-American War, and is (according to Bacardi) "the world's second-most-popular alcoholic drink"?

    3. How many of these words stem from Britain's colonisation of India?
    - Bandana
    - Dinghy
    - Dungarees
    - Pyjamas
    - Shampoo

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