How to play

    Every day, three questions are set on a given theme. Each question has three options; you just need to select your chosen option for each one and click "Get My Score".

    Your stats

    The website keeps track of your statistics by using a cookie, stored on your device. The cookie is specific to the browser and device you're using, so you'll need to use the same browser every day.

    The numbers stored in the cookie are:

    • Played: the number of times you've played Cédez
    • Run: the number of times you've played without missing a day
    • Scores: the number of times you've scored 3, 2, 1 or 0
    • Average: your average score, correct to two decimal places
    • Date: the date on which you last played (in order to keep track of your "run").

    Past quizzes

    You can see, and play, all the past quizzes on Cédez. However, your scores and other stats are only kept for today's quiz.

    Request a theme

    If you have an idea for a theme for a quiz, we'd love to hear it. Please send your ideas to

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