About Cédez

    Cédez Le Passage is a daily quiz on a varied selection of topics.

    Our quizzes are very short - each one has three questions, with three options each - but we hope you'll find them interesting, thought provoking, and/or funny.

    Cédez is based on a weekly quiz that a group of school friends who have known each other for about 50 years have got into the habit of doing.

    The questions and answers are based on research which can be incredibly thorough or just plain sketchy, so we don't guarantee the accuracy of any of them. Nevertheless we do try to get it right. Please don't bother contacting us to tell us about anything that's wrong, though. There's a new quiz tomorrow!

    Cédez does not collect any personal information about you. It will have to store a tiny file called a "cookie" on your device if you want to keep track of your scores.

    We hope you enjoy it!

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