Tuesday 5th December 2023
    Difficulty: Hard

    Waitrose vs Lidl (Quiz #382)

    All pictures by Cédez le Passage (Creative Commons) (Creative Commons)

    A quick comparison of similar products available in Waitrose and Lidl.

    1. Picture A shows 125g packets of breadsticks available from Waitrose and Lidl. How do the prices compare?

    2. Picture B shows similar packets of "luxury" chocolate biscuits. The packet bought from Waitrose costs £1.80. How much does the packet from Lidl cost?

    3. Picture C above shows McVitie's Digestives from Waitrose and Tower Gate Digestives from Lidl. There are 24 biscuits in the packet bought from Waitrose. Based on the cost per biscuit, how many Lidl digestives could you get for the same price as 24 Waitrose biscuits?

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