Sunday 3rd December 2023
    Difficulty: Medium

    Getting cosy (Quiz #380)

    Photo by <a href="">Sandie Clarke</a>
    Photo by Sandie Clarke (Unsplash)

    Based on The Observer feature "It's time to get cosy", published on Sunday 26th November, 2023.

    1. According to the article, no drink warms the cockles like a Whisky Mac. It's made by mixing a good blended whisky with Stone's Ginger Wine - but in what proportions?

    2. Hygge is a Danish word that describes a cosy, contented mood evoked by comfort and conviviality. In which year did Collins English Dictionary name hygge the runner-up (beaten by "Brexit") as word of the year in the UK?

    3. One sure-fire way to get cosy is to have a hot chocolate. But how much would 250g of Bare Bones 68% Dominican Republic hot chocolate set you back?

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